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Leader Box Corp. Serving Chicago, IL

Leader Box Corp is a company that has been in the packaging industry since 1950. We are located in the Chicago area, and our goal is to provide our customers with affordable packaging supplies. We do this by selling used boxes at great prices. That means our company not only helps your bottom line, but we also help the environment. Want to know more? Check out the packaging supplies we provide below.

Boxes from Leader Box

At Leader Box, we provide you with different types of boxes based on your company’s needs. You can get Gaylord boxes from us which are durable, pallet-sized boxes that are often used in the shipping industry. You can also get Surplus, Over-Run and Job-Lot boxes from Leader Box Corp. These boxes were made for someone specifically, but the printing, size or quantity of the boxes was incorrect for the customer. That means we can offer you these boxes at a greatly discounted price. We also offer used boxes that are less expensive than new boxes.

Packing Supplies Near You

Leader Box does more than just provide boxes. We also provide you with other packing supplies.. If you are looking for packing supplies in the Chicago area near you, we can help! Some of the packaging supplies we provide include Corrugated Rolls, Packing Peanuts, Packing Tape, Stretch Film and Blank Newsprint. If you are in need of any of these supplies, reach out to us.

About the Chicago Area

For packaging supplies and corrugated boxes in the Chicago area, choose Leader Box Corp. We can provide you with the packaging supplies you need at affordable prices that will help your company’s bottom line. We are also right in your backyard. We have been serving the Chicago area for over 50 years, so we understand your unique needs, and we can help you achieve your company goals. Look to Leader Box for your Chicago packaging needs.

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If your business is looking for packaging supplies in the Chicago area, look no further than Leader Box Corp. We can provide you with corrugated boxes for your shipping needs. The best part? We provide used boxes to help you save money on materials and help the environment at the same time. Leader Box is a box company in the Chicago area, and we are excited to help you with your company’s packaging and shipping needs.