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Since 1950, Leader Box Corp. has been in the packaging industry providing the Chicago area and other major cities in the Midwest with corrugated boxes, Gaylord boxes, shipping boxes and more.

When you choose Leader Box Corp. as your new and used box supplier, you choose to save money and help the environment. Learn more about our products below!

Gaylord Boxes Near You

Gaylord boxes, whether new or used, are strong, heavy and durable pallet-sized boxes. These boxes are well-known across the shipping industry. They are made out of 3-4 layers of corrugated walls of paper to give you added strength. At Leader Box, you can get used Gaylord boxes at a less expensive price.

Surplus, Over-Run or Job-Lot Boxes

These boxes are made for a specific customer, but for some reason, they were incorrect whether that be the wrong printing, size or quantity of boxes. That means you can get these boxes from us at a steep discount.

If your business is looking for corrugated boxes near Chicago or in the Mid-West, check out Leader Box Corp., where you can find great deals on Gaylord boxes, corrugated boxes, surplus boxes and more. We also provide high-quality used boxes for a less expensive price.

Why Choose Leader Box?

Leader Box Corp. is a family-oriented business. Simply put, we care. We care about you and your business, and we offer customized and personalized services to the businesses we serve. We also care about the environment. We work to make our business green and sustainable by selling used boxes. This allows us to be eco-friendly and help our customers save money at the same time.

Contact Leader Box Corp. today online, or give us a call at (773) 890-4500!

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